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about safewhale.

SafeWhale Protocol

DeFi & GameFi with meme-nomics aimed at ensuring a rising liquidity pool.

Binance Smart Chain contract address: 0x404...dbb1b

Enter the SWHAL-Verse and discover a world of play-to-earn games, farming, staking, NFTs and more…

GameFi - Play2Earn (P2E)

Get ready to play and earn SWHAL tokens in our exclusive games - 1st one available immediately at launch. Earn more by participating in various community events like tournaments or leaderboards.


SafeWhale NFTs

We care about bringing more value to our NFT holders, like staking for tokens or increased farming or discounts for games and more!

So make sure to grab a unique “SWHAL genesis edition” NFT as they will be your key to enter our deep SWHAL-Verse.

MINT HERE (coming soon)

Missed out on the mint? You will be able to trade on the secondary market (marketplaces coming soon).

Our design allows us to partner with other tokens and we are already in contact to offer you many new and exciting options.

Submarine Farms

Classic staking; by providing your SWHAL to the farm you will receive new ones.

NFTs staking; stake your NFTs and earn various benefits.

The Annual Percentage Yields or APYs are carefully calculated alongside the tax to make sure the common farmer prospers in a sustainable and non-inflationary environment.

Here too, our architecture offers countless possibilities in terms of partnerships and onboarding interesting projects.


You can earn by:
⁃ playing our GameFi P2E games
⁃ staking your tokens
⁃ staking your NFTs
⁃ just holding! (see Automatic Yield Farming)

Optimized Liquidity Protocol

SafeWhale protocol is designed to maximize the liquidity reserves and safety.

Ultimate Liquidity Safety

Liquidity is locked , providing the safest environment for whales and baby whales.

Ultra Sound Liquidity

9% of every transaction is collected to fund the liquidity, creating a comfortable and sustainable ocean for all whales.

Automatic Yield Farming

1% of every transaction is distributed to all holders automatically. Safe & easy; no gas fees to pay and no permissions to enable in your wallet. Just hold SWHAL and watch your balance grow.

Hyper Deflationary - Deep Sea Hole

50% of the initial supply is burned at launch. Absorbing most of the 1% rewards, it grows at an accelerating rate and reduces the circulating supply exponentially.

Ever Rising Price Floor

As the protocol locks more and more liqudity, an ever rising price floor is created. The high 9% liquidity collection helps fuelling a significant rise.

Sustainable Farming & GameFi

3% of every transaction is funding the farming and gaming pools.

Community Incentive Fund

2% of every transaction is collected in a community wallet. Holders will be able to vote on how to use these funds.


Whitelist IDO
Farms launch

Listings on main cryptocurrencies pricewatch websites
Whaleverse development

First Submarine Farm (staking tokens for tokens)
1st game launch

NFT drop
NFT staking

New Game
Partnership Games

Roadmap 2.0 revealed